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8 Reasons Braided PTFE Hose is Today’s Wonder Material

Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose Performs Well Under High Pressure & Temperature

teflon lined hose assemblies
Stainless steel braided PTFE hoses are extremely common in today’s market since they can be used to distribute gasses and liquids efficiently and safely. In fact, braided PTFE hoses are so versatile, they have revolutionized modern living and business. Available in all sizes and types, they are found everywhere from manufacturing plants to homes. When deciding what type of hose assembly you may need in your manufacturing, it is hard to overlook the high pressure PTFE hose assembly.

Here are 8 reasons you should be using PTFE braided hoses in your manufacturing process:

Braided PTFE hoses are strong and durable.

It is different from other hoses in the market because of the woven stainless steel reinforcement over the hose tubing that gives it additional strength.

Braided PTFE hoses performs well under high pressure.

Really well! In fact, PTFE braided hoses surpasses most other hoses when performing under high pressure.

Braided PTFE hoses are extremely temperature resistant.

In situations where hoses are exposed to extreme weather conditions, PTFE braided hoses are an excellent choice.

PTFE braided hoses are resistant to almost all common chemicals in the market today.

The only known chemicals that can damage PTFE are molten alkali metals and halogenated chemicals, making braided PTFE hose ideal for various manufacturing environments. There are also many other factors to consider when working with high temperatures – Visit our Chemical Compatibility Matrix for more information.

Braided PTFE hoses are excellent for food & beverage manufacturing.

A high pressure PTFE hose is not damaged with prolonged contact with moisture. Plus, contact with PTFE does not add odor, taste or color to any chemicals, earning its stamp of approval by the FDA for contact with food. 

Braided PTFE hoses provides added security against fire.

PTFE braided hose assemblies are proven safe because of the protection they provide against fire, and thus are frequently used for fire extinguisher systems and pressure gauge lines. The hose can also be further protected from high heat environments with a heat sleeve over the stainless steel braid reinforcement.

Braided PTFE hoses are very flexible.

The reinforcements of the stainless steel braids allow the hose to be utilized in motion and vibration processes while maintaining its durability. The high pressure PTFE hose can be bent considerably depending on size and overall construction: smooth-bore, convoluted and/or outer cover(s). See our hose product specifications for minimum bend radius information.

Braided PTFE hoses offer unsurpassed cleanliness

Since chemical compounds within PTFE braided hoses are almost completely resistant to sticking, they are resistant to damage from the chemicals it is transporting.

This universal and durable high pressure PTFE hose offers cleanliness, durability, extensive shelf life, safety and flexibility, making PTFE braided hoses a wonder material of modern manufacturing. 

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