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Chemical Hose Assemblies, Say What?

Chemical Hose Assemblies for Chemical Processing


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Chemical Hoses

Chemical hoses are used in a variety of industries, such as industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and food & beverage industries. But just because they are ubiquitous does not mean people understand the intricacies surrounding them or even about the different types of chemical hoses. There are several types of chemical hoses, but the primary types  are UHMWPE, PTFE and Chemical B, outlined below:

UHMWPE Chemical Hoses

The UHMWPE chemical hose (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is a high temperature, high pressure, discharge and suction hose. UHMWE chemical hoses are designed to withstand over 95% of all of the most commonly used chemicals, solvents and acids. They will not contaminate the product being transported. The UHMWPE chemical hose construction provides kink resistance, full suction capability and flexibility.


PTFE hoses are extremely flexible and versatile for use as a chemical hose. For example, B-Flex PTFE and B-Flex-B Carbon PTFE hoses have smooth inner cores that make them ideal for high pressure and easy drainage, and allows them to handle a variety of fluids due to their chemically resistant properties. Best of all, they have a non-aging surface, resulting in a long-lasting chemical hose solution for your manufacturing process and control.

Chemical B Chemical Hoses 

The Chemical B Chemical Hose is a multi-purpose general hose designed for stronger, oxidizing acids, alcohols and ketones. The Chemical B chemical hose is also reinforced between synthetic textiles. The Chemical B chemical hose has a heat resistant cover that also protects against chemicals and weathering.

A quality high pressure chemical hose has the strength and ability to transfer a variety of industrial chemicals and there are unique types of chemical hoses for various industry needs. A bit of research will help you find the best chemical hose type for your needs.

For questions on the right chemical hose for your manufacturing needs, contact FlexFit Hose, where we test 100% of the chemical hoses we fabricatenot just a sample of the full quantity.


FlexFit Hose is a worldwide leader in chemical-resistant hoses, PTFE hoses and Sanitary hoses. We fabricate all of our hose fittings in-house and put all of our stainless steel flexible hose assemblies through the strictest of testing protocols. This means that you’ll receive the highest levels of quality with every order, no matter if you order a small or large quantity of chemical hose assemblies.


Not All Chemical Resistant Hose Assemblies Are the Same

Unlike other chemical resistant hose suppliers, We test each and every PTFE Hose. While some companies may rush your order by only testing a small sample or ship out dirty components that require you to do the cleaning prior to use, we adhere to only the highest standards of quality and service.

When you order chemical resistant hose assemblies from FlexFit Hose, you will be treated as if you’re already a long-term customer. We will answer any questions promptly and provide you with quick solutions to any problems. When it comes to providing you with your order, we can customize our chemical hose assemblies any way you wish and can accommodate high-quantity orders. We will also ensure that your order will ship within a day or two, and will arrive cleaned, labeled with traceability information and will be ready for use. 

Why Chemical-Resistant Hose Matters


Whether you require a chemical hose, chemical hose assembly, high pressure chemical hose assembly, you want to ensure that the assemblies will be resistant to wear and corrosion by any harsh chemicals. It is important to use a chemical compatibility tool to see which material best fits the application. You will then be able to determine if a PTFE Hose assembly or an all metal hose assembly makes sense.

We help countless companies in a variety of industries with their braided chemical hose requirements. These companies trust us because they know that we stand behind our craftsmanship and will provide all product testing results with every order. If you require us to customize your hose fittings for any application, we are here to help. If you need a chemical-resistant hose, we’re ready to fabricate and ship. The first step is to call or email us for a free quote.


Our Order Process

When you need a chemical hose, call our sales department to speak with a knowledgeable representative. Another option is to email us or submit a Request a Quote form online. Our team is trained to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire ordering process. This means that all of your questions will be answered and we will provide you with any solutions that will effectively alleviate your concerns.

Our manufacturing experts also take the time to get to know you and your production line processes. These efforts are necessary to customize your chemical-resistant hose for your exact use. When we know what you’ll be using the braided chemical hose for, we can then make specific model recommendations.

Read about the different types of chemical resistant hoses we offer below so that you can pinpoint the types of hose components you need for your initial order. If you’re unsure of which types of assemblies you might need, we can provide you with recommendations based on our expertise and using other organizations within your industry as a guide.

In many cases, we are required to custom design chemical hose assemblies to fit your unique needs. If this is the case, we can certainly accommodate you. Because we fabricate all of our hose fittings in-house, we retain control of the entire quality assurance process. We then further test all Chemical hose assemblies and other assemblies to ensure they are of the highest quality before they are shipped out to you.

Whether you have a small order or a highly customized order, we can have your chemical hose order submitted to you in just a day or two. That means your production line can be up and running quickly and will be well maintained for a long time into the future.

Chemical Resistant Hose Types

Depending on your type of industry, we make custom chemical hose assemblies for any application. Whether you know what types of hoses you need or you need help identifying the ideal flexible hose types for your needs, call us to speak to a chemical hose expert today.

– Chemical Hose

We have various materials that can be used based on the chemicals with which you are working. Many of our high pressure hoses are designed to have gases, liquids and granulates flow through them regularly. When all of this media is flowing through your hose assemblies, only the toughest materials will keep your hose operating for as long as you need it to. When you choose FlexFit Hose, we guarantee that our chemical hose products will be built to last and can stand up to the harshest of industrial chemicals to keep your production line operating smoothly.

– Chemical Hose Assemblies

We offer every component that comprises a chemical hose assembly. From the crimp collar components to the braided chemical hose, each part will remain attached and working as required.

– Braided Chemical Hose

FlexFit Hose uses only the highest quality materials that keep our chemical hoses working strong for years. We take time fabricating our braided chemical hoses because we take pride in our craftsmanship and know that your production line is important to you. For this reason, you can rely on our braided hoses – guaranteed.

– Instrumentation Hose

PTFE hoses assemblies with tube adapter ends are used in instrumentation applications like those used at chemical plants. We thoroughly clean each of our hose assemblies prior to shipping. We also keep meticulous inventory records, so we can ship any component at a moment’s notice whenever you have the need. We keep customized parts in our warehouse. Making it easy to fulfill custom orders. If you ever need a customized chemical hose assembly, we can ship out your order as soon as possible, ensuring you receive it within one to two days.

– Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

You should never trust your stainless steel flexible hose to just any manufacturer. Only FlexFit Hose employs a stringent quality control process. Other companies may only test a small sample of their product line. If those components pass inspection, they claim the rest of their inventory is high quality. The only way to be sure that a hose does not have any leaks like a pinhole leak is to test every hose assembly. We test every PTFE hose assembly to make sure that it passes a hydrostatic pressure test to 1,000 PSI. This means that if you order a chemical hose and associated components, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best materials, the strongest stainless steel flexible hose and a chemical resistant hose.

What Type of Chemical Hose Do You Need?

Different organizations have different requirements with regards to a chemical resistant hose. Hose diameter and length are considerations, and you need to identify what type of chemical you’ll be using. This helps us provide you with the best chemical hose assembly for your unique needs. We specialize in providing highly customized solutions so that you can keep your production line operating without expensive stoppages and other problems that can damage your bottom line.

Whether you require chemical hose components, stainless steel braided chemical hoses or any other type of chemical hose components, we are standing by to assist you.

Experience the FlexFit Hose Difference

Get the chemical resistant hose you need when you need it. We can have your customized order shipped to you in just a couple of days. Once we know what you’ll be using the chemical hose components for, we can provide helpful advice and recommendations as to which models of chemical hoses are right for your needs.

Here are even more reasons to order from FlexFit Hose:

Global Chemical Hose Leaders: We regularly help clients all over the world. If you require chemical hose assemblies for any industrial application, call us and we can discuss your unique needs. We can fabricate your hose assembly quickly to get you up and running.

Superior Customer Service: We take customer service extremely seriously, which is why you can be confident that we will assist you quickly and efficiently. If you have questions, need us to alleviate your concerns or wish to place an order for low or high quantity chemical hoses, we’re standing by. Our representatives are skilled and experienced at helping you satisfy your production line needs with the best chemical resistant hose in the industry. Call us today to find out  how we can help you.

Highest Quality Materials: Each of our chemical hose components is made of the highest quality materials. Only these superior materials can deliver the level of strength and long-lasting quality you need. Chemical hoses must stand up to harsh chemicals and subsequent lifecycles. Because we are so confident about our quality assurance processes, we stand behind the durability and flexibility of our chemical hoses and hose assemblies so you can rest assured knowing that you’re making the best investment for your custom hose assembly needs.

In-House Fabrication: We create all of our chemical hoses right in our facilities, including our stainless steel flexible hose components. That lets us keep a close eye on our quality control. However, even after our products leave the production line, we put them through a strict testing protocol. When you receive your package, the results of those quality checks will be included in the box for your convenience. When you choose FlexFit Hose, you can always guarantee that our chemical hoses work as intended.

Quality Assurance Checks: We don’t merely test a small sample size of the total order. Instead, every fitting and hose we manufacture is thoroughly inspected and put through a stringent testing protocol. If there are problems or defects, the part is discarded and replaced. We will never send out components that are dirty or defective in any way. That’s the FlexFit Hose guarantee.

Proper Packaging: When you call us for a free quote and then give us the green light, we will carefully ship your package. Each custom chemical hose will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. This ensures that the components will be ready to use at a moment’s notice. Each product is also logged and a detailed inventory analysis will be submitted to you, allowing you to re-order with ease. If you need a replacement part, even if it’s customized, we can get it you quickly.

Fast Shipping: We never want you to wait for the chemical hose assemblies that you order. Once we receive your order request, we’ll get to work fabricating your custom-made chemical hose components. Even with all of our testing and careful packaging processes, we will still ensure you receive your order as quickly as possible. We will ship your order in just one to two days.

We Are Ready to Assist You

Do you require a chemical resistant hose for your industrial needs? Don’t choose companies that aren’t committed to the highest standards of customer care, as they might ship dirty or defective products, and even overcharge for such unprofessionalism.

Instead, choose FlexFit Hose for all of your chemical resistant hose needs. We can customize any size order and will get you the hoses and assemblies you need quickly, when you need them. If you want to keep your production line working long into the future, call us for a free quote.

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